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  • Activated muscles are highlighted

  • Instructions next to exercises

  • Arranged in specific order for max muscle stimulation

  • Cardio schedule included for fat loss

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  • BONUS - Pictures & Caloric Values for protein/ fats/ carbs

  • BONUS - Nutrition simplified

  • BONUS - How do all diets work

Shaping Your Body

This exercise program will provide you with the tools to build your fitness foundation. A package of 75 instructional videos are included targeting every muscle group such as core, lower body, and upper body. It is easy-to-follow for anybody regardless of their fitness background. 

From a professional bikini competitor to a trainer, these exercises have always played a vital role in all of my programs.  

These exercises are focused on building an hourglass figure while keeping the waist tight and small to highlight your curves.

The goal of this program goes beyond muscle growth or fat loss- it is intended to shape your body to look curvy and aesthetic. As a side effect, you will also see major changes in your posture, physical, mental and emotional health. 


Arsiney Hakobyan

Nutritionist --- Personal Trainer ---Pro- Bikini Athlete ---US Marine Corps Veteran


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